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What payment methods can I use this?

Our payment system is powered and processed by Stripe. At checkout, you can pay via credit card (Stripe accepts most of the major ones, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discovery). Alternatively, you can by PayPal if you have an account. If you have questions about payment methods, please contact us.

What currencies can I pay in?

Right now, the default and standard currency we accept is USD. However, you can contact us and we can create an invoice for you in the currency of your choice. What we’ll do is just convert the rate in USD to the currency you’d like to pay in, and then we’ll issue you the invoice in the new currency by email.

Can I pay for a full access annual subscription by PayPal?

We’d be glad to accept payment for a subscription via PayPal. Just please contact us with the billing information you’d like to appear on your invoice, and we’ll generate a PayPal invoice and send it to you by email.


How do "credits" and unlocking lessons work?

Essentially, one credit will allow you to unlock the full lesson materials for any given lesson (this includes the printable lesson, interactive lesson, and teacher guide). In order to unlock the materials for a lesson, you’ll need to be logged in and have credits in your account. When you unlock a lesson, one credit will be deducted from your account. After unlocking a lesson, the lesson materials are all yours to keep! You can then download it as many times as you wish. Any lesson you unlocked will be stored in “My Lessons” in the top header of the website when you’re logged in.

I purchased credits but they're not showing up in my account. What can I do now?

Although it’s a rare occurrence, sometimes glitches do happen during a transaction. Please just contact us if you have purchased credits but the credits aren’t showing in your account, and we’ll sort it out immediately.

How does the full-access subscription work? Can I pay monthly?

Currently, we only offer an annual, full-access subscription option and there is not a monthly option at the moment. If you would like to pay in installments, we can arrange it, just please contact us. A full-access subscription will give you access to all lesson plans currently contained in the Fluentize library in addition to all new lessons as they're released, so your subscription increases in value with time. Once you download a lesson, it's yours to keep! We currently have 331 lessons in the Fluentize library, and we add or update 10 - 15 new lessons per month.

How do I permanently delete my account?

You can delete your account permanently in your account settings. Just log in, navigate to account settings, and on the left-hand side, click “Security & Account Deletion”. Upon doing this, your account information will be deleted from our system, and you will not have access to the lessons anymore.

How does invoicing work for purchases? Can I add my tax ID on them?

You will be issued a receipt via email automatically upon making a purchase, and your invoices will be downloadable under “Credits, Subscriptions, & Billing” in your account settings. Just scroll down to “Billing History”. If you want to change your billing details that appear on invoices, you can change them in your account settings under “Edit Account”. There is a field for your tax ID if you’d like to add it. Your updated billing information will appear on the subsequent invoices, but any invoices that have already been issued won’t change. If you need an invoice edited that has already been issued, please contact us and we can sort that and create a new one for you manually.

What kinds of memberships options are available for language schools or multiple teachers?

Please navigate to Solutions for Schools for more information.


How do I unlock and download lesson plan materials for a lesson?

In order to download a free lesson plan, all you need to do is register an account for free on Fluentize. Once you register, log in to your account, and check the filter box for “Free Lessons” on the lesson browsing page. Once you navigate to a lesson, simply click the “Unlock Lesson Plan” button that is positioned to the right of the video (on desktop). After unlocking it, you’ll then see options for downloading the “Printable Lesson Plan” / “Interactive Lesson Plan” / “Teacher’s Guide”. Simply click the one you want and it will download.

In order to download a lesson plan that costs a credit, you will need to have credits in your account. Once you have credits (or a full-access subscription), navigate to the lesson webpage you wish to download the lesson materials for, and click the “Unlock Lesson Plan” button. A pop-up message will appearing requesting that you confirm, and then one credit will be deducted from your account after your confirmation. After unlocking it, you’ll then see options for downloading the “Printable Lesson Plan” / “Interactive Lesson Plan” / “Teacher’s Guide”. Simply click the one you want and it will download.

I unlocked a lesson but it didn't download. What can I do now?

If you unlocked a lesson but it didn’t download, please contact us. Although it’s rare, sometimes glitches can happen during downloads, but we’ll check your account and sort it immediately. Please make sure that you check your download folder on your hard drive on your device. You can also try downloading the lesson again, and since it’s been unlocked already, you won’t be deducted any credits again.

How do I view a lesson plan before I spend a credit on it and unlock it?

In order to view a lesson before spending a credit on it and unlocking it, you’ll need to have at least one credit in your account. Once you have at least one credit in your account, you can preview any lesson plan on the lesson / video page — right in the section under the video. The preview version of the lesson will have a watermark over it, so you can peak through the lesson to see if it’s what you’re looking for before spending a credit on it.

Is it possible to edit a lesson plan?

To some extent, you can edit a lesson, if you have a PDF editor. You can edit some of the text in the lesson plan PDFs, but you can’t move objects or elements around, and you’ll be quite limited the extent to which you can edit text. We’re also launching Google slide lessons, which is an “e-lesson” designed to be more friendly for lessons or classes that take place in an online environment. When our e-lessons are launched, you will be able to edit lessons with much more flexibility.

What is "co-branding" a lesson and how can I do that?

Co-branding a lesson plan means that you can choose a logo of your choice (for a school or personal teaching brand, for example), and we will integrate the logo in the top right corner of all the lesson worksheets whenever you download a lesson from your Fluentize account. Co-branding costs a one-time integration fee of $29. In order to activate co-branding, please contact us.

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