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ESL Email Writing Lesson Plan

Writing An Effective Business Email

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Video Length: 2:16

Updated on: 04/13/2022

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

1 Credit

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ESL Email Writing Lesson Plan Description


This ESL email writing lesson plan contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for B2 upper-intermediate students. By the end of the lesson, your students will understand and be able to apply the etiquette and structure of writing a professional email, as well as use relevant vocabulary terms accurately.


This ESL Email Writing Lesson Plan starts out by having students discuss the importance and the advantages and disadvantages of email communication in their work lives. They continue on to engage in activities about business email etiquette and reflect on the importance of the response time to a work email.


Students watch a video about essential tips on writing more effective emails, focusing on the structure of an email, formal greetings, and closings. Students participate in several listening comprehension activities in which they identify and label each structural part of the email and discuss the effectiveness of the sample email provided.


After watching the video, students talk about the parts of the email and look at what makes it good and professional. Then, they do an activity where they match words related to email writing with their meanings and write the correct words used in sentences from the video, helping them get better at understanding formal writing details.


In this activation, students read and talk about a sample email from a company manager and think about what parts could be better. Then, they rewrite the email using what they've learned to make sure it’s clear, to the point, and professional.

Benefits of using this ESL email writing lesson plan: 

Real-World Communication: Email writing is essential for real-world communication, enabling students to express themselves clearly and appropriately in professional settings.

Career Advancement: Learning to write emails effectively can help students convey ideas clearly, build professional relationships, and access new opportunities.

Communication Skills: Teaching email writing allows students to refine their communication skills, promoting continuous improvement in professional interactions.

If you’re looking for an ESL lesson plan on effective email writing for your intermediate students, then this is the lesson for you! It contains rich and practical vocabulary that students can apply in any professional setting that involves email writing and thoroughly prepares students for professional communication via email.

Video Description

In this video, you get to learn some tips on how to make your email writing more effective, the structure of an email, formal greetings and closings, and how to convey your messages in a professional manner.

Lesson Activities


Email Writing Tips, Etiquette, Structure


Short Answers, Multiple Choice


Parts of Speech, Video Context Usage


Communicative Email Writing Tasks, Quiz & Review

Lesson Topics

Email Writing Tips, Etiquette, Structure

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