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Library Lovers ESL Lesson Plan

Top 5 Most Unique Libraries Around The World 📚

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Video Length: 2:58

Updated on: 02/08/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Library Lovers ESL Lesson Plan Description


This library lovers ESL lesson plan contains activities, worksheets, and digital materials for upper intermediate B2 students. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use auxiliary verbs in rhetorical/persuasive questions when promoting a library-related or reading-related event. They will also learn about special types of libraries, in addition to the impact and importance of libraries in communities. 


The first part of this library lovers ESL lesson plan has students compare some different libraries in images. They discuss some questions about libraries. Then, in the third part, there is a man sahring his views about the impact of libraries in society, and students are prompted to give their perspective on his ideas.


Students watch a video report from Expresso Show, showcasing the five most unique libraries around the world. In the lesson activities, students match the libaries presented in the video with their characteristics. In the second part, students fill in gaps with phrases they hear the speakers use in the report. 


This section of the lesson plan on Libary Lovers Month prompts students to share their thoughts on the libraries shown in the video. Then, there is an activity for students to fill in the correct auxiliary verbs that fit a set of 5 rhetorical / persuasive questions. They discuss what "rhetorical" and "persuasive" questions are, as well as in which contexts they are used. There is a third part in which students look at some icon graphics of some unique libraries, and they ask some rhetorical / persuasive questions about them.


In this Library Lovers Month Event promotion activity, there are two options for students to choose from. In the first one, student can work on their own or with a partner. They imagine it's Library Lovers Month. They should decide on an event to engage their community, office, or school, and discuss or write the details of the event. In the second step, students announce and promote the event to their "audience". They should use some rhetorical and persuasive questions in their announcement, which are provided in the lesson materials. 

The second option features some open-ended discussion questions about libraries, including the future role of libraries in society, and innovative strategies libraries could implement to engage with the public and attract new visitors or members.

Benefits of using this library lovers ESL lesson plan:

Promotes critical thinking: The lesson plan prompts students to compare different types of libraries, discuss the impact of libraries in society, and share their perspectives on the ideas presented in the lesson. This encourages critical thinking as students analyze and evaluate information about libraries and their importance.

Expands cultural knowledge: By watching a video report showcasing unique libraries around the world, students gain exposure to different cultures and places. This broadens their understanding of global perspectives on libraries and reading.

Develops rhetorical and persuasive skills: The lesson plan includes activities where students learn to use auxiliary verbs in rhetorical and persuasive questions. They also practice asking rhetorical and persuasive questions about unique libraries. These activities help students develop skills in persuasion and rhetoric, which are valuable in various contexts, including communication and public speaking.


Lesson Activities


Libaries, Reading


Matching Library Characteristics, Gap-Fill (Phrases)


Images, Phrases, Auxiliary Verbs


Asking Questions


Library Lovers Month: Event Promotion, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

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Library Lovers

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