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ESL Lesson Vacation Vocabulary

Tourism With Robert De Niro & Roger Federer

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Video Length: 1:30

Updated on: 03/17/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Vacation Vocabulary ESL Lesson Description


This vacation vocabulary ESL lesson plan provides activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials designed for beginner A1 students. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to talk about vacation destinations and what kinds of attractions these destinations offer. Students will also be able to say where they want to go on vacation and why using the structure subject + have/has + got.


This ESL lesson plan on vacation vocabulary begins by students looking at some images of vacation destinations. Some of these include the mountains, the beach, a little town, a big city, and a ski resort. Then, students discuss some questions about vacation destinations. Finally, students imagine they’re going to Switzerland for vacation and make a simple plan for a vacation there.


In this activity, students watch a short commercial video promoting tourism in Switzerland. In the video, the famous actor, Robert De Niro, calls the famous tennis player, Roger Federer, who is in the Swiss Alps. During their conversation, they talk about a film project in Switzerland and what it has to offer as a vacation destination. Roger tries to persuade Robert to come there, but Robert doesn’t want to because it lacks “drama”.

In the activities, students answer a few simple questions about the video and what the two guys are talking about on the phone. Then, students listen for and tick off some attractions and activities that both Robert and Roger mention about Swiss tourism.


In the part that comes after the video, students reflect on the video and talk about Switzerland as a vacation destination.

The second part of the viewing follow-up phase features a paraphrased quote from De Niro. in the quote, Robert uses the structure subject + have/has + got, and students choose the correct options about this quote. There are then a few activities for students to do based on this quote.


In this communicative activity, students choose their ideal vacation spot and explain why they want to visit using the structure "have got" or "has got." They engage in a role-play conversation, taking turns. They discuss and ask about each other's dream vacation destinations, and some of the attractions these destinations offer. Through this exercise, students get the chance to improve their language skills while talking about their travel interests and vacation ideas.


Communication Skills: The role-play activity encourages students to communicate effectively. They get to practice asking and answering questions about vacation destinations, attractions, and expressing their travel interests.

Critical Thinking: Students analyze images of vacation destinations and discuss questions about them. This allows students to think critically as they evaluate different aspects of travel destinations.

Grammar & Vocabulary Practice: This lesson plan allows students to practice both vocabulary and grammar in context of vacations. They can use the structure "have/has got" in these contexts, reinforcing grammar concepts in a practical and engaging way.

Video Description

In Switzerland Tourism's latest promotional video, tennis star Roger Federer teams up with legendary actor Robert De Niro. However, De Niro declines Federer's invitation to feature in a movie about Switzerland. De Niro feels it lacks the dramatic elements he seeks in his roles.

Lesson Activities


Vacation Destinations, Attractions, Tourism


Short Answers, Swiss Tourism Attractions, Activities


Vacation Destinations & Attractions


Have/Has Got [+ noun]


Vacation Destinations, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Vacation Destinations, Attractions, Tourism

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