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ESL Tourism Activities Lesson

Discovering South Africa With Trevor Noah

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Video Length: 2:25

Updated on: 04/09/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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ESL Tourism Activities Lesson Description


This ESL tourism activities lesson provides activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials designed for pre-intermediate A2 - B1 students. In this lesson, students will:

  • Talk about vacation destinations and vacation activities
  • Learn and use a variety of fun vacation activities
  • Use the modal verb can + [base verb] to suggest vacation activities
  • Suggest places to go on vacation


In the first section of this ESL tourism activities lesson, students view images of a man's vacation plans. In the activity, they discuss questions about these vacation plans. Students then talk about what are some of the most important factors to them when choosing a vacation or tourism destination. The last part of the preview section is designed for students to come up with questions they may ask a South African local before traveling to South Africa for a vacation.


The video featured for this lesson is based on tourism activities and tips for South Africa. In the video, comedian and South African native, Trevor Noah, answers some frequently asked questions about tourism in South Africa. There are a few listening activities for students to complete. The first activity is based on a set of true/false statements about Trevor’s ideas. Then, students list some animals that Trevor says you can see in South Africa, as well as some activities you can do there. In the final activity for this phase, students choose the correct word they hear Trevor use in a few sentences.


After watching the video, there are a few discussion questions. Students express their thoughts on the video, and whether they would like to visit South Africa.

After discussing those questions, students read a brief country description by Silvina, who is from Argentina. She talks about what makes Argentina special, and what kinds of vacation and tourism activities you can do there. Silvina discusses the nature activities you can do, the food you can eat, and other kinds of entertainment you can find. Students discuss some questions about Silvina’s description. These questions are focused on the use of the modal verb “can” with the base verb form. For example, Silvina says:

You can visit big cities like Buenos Aires and see famous buildings and busy streets.

If you like music and dancing, you can see a Tango show in the La Boca area.

In the following part, there are images of tourist destinations around the world, including New Delhi, India, New Zealand, Finland, among a few others. Students use the images to suggest ideas on what you can do there. They use the modal verb “can” with the base verb form.


In this communicative activity, students explore tourism possibilities. They begin by selecting a place they know or desire to visit. This can be their hometown, a dream destination, or somewhere they've heard about. They brainstorm various aspects of the destination. These include the weather, local cuisine, must-see attractions, activities, and accommodation options. They can use the internet for research if they wish.

Then, in pairs, one student takes on the role of Student A, who is looking for vacation recommendations. The other, Student B, suggests some travel ideas. Student A asks questions about the suggested destination. They want to find out what makes it an attractive tourism destination. Student B responds using the modal verb "can" to offer interesting suggestions and activities. Through this interactive activity, students explore different travel destinations and get to practice their communication and collaboration skills.


  • Authentic Listening Practice: The viewing activity featuring Trevor Noah gives students the chance to interact with authentic dialogue. This can help them improve their listening comprehension skills while learning about tourism in South Africa.
  • Cultural Exposure: Through activities focused on tourism and different countries and regions, students gain exposure to diverse cultures.
  • Engagement with Real-Life Scenarios: Students engage with realistic scenarios such as planning vacations and discussing tourism destinations. This allows them to apply language skills in practical situations.

Video Description

Trevor Noah answers all of your burning questions about tourism in South Africa. Come explore all that South Africa has to offer!

Lesson Activities


Tourism, Vacation Destinations, Travel, South Africa


True / False / Not Given Statements, Animals / Activities, Word Choice


Tourism & Travel Activities


Modal Verb: "can" + [base verb]


Suggest Fun Travel Ideas, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Tourism, Vacation Destinations, Travel, South Africa

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