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Salary Negotiation ESL Lesson Plan

Salary Negotiation Tips To Get A Raise

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Video Length: 4:53

Updated on: 06/13/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Salary Negotiation ESL Lesson Plan Description


This salary negotiation ESL lesson plan contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for B2 upper intermediate students. They talk about how to ask for a higher salary and learn words for these talks. They watch a video tutorial with salary negotiation tips and answer questions to understand how to negotiate better. They also practice grammar, focusing on the present perfect tense. In role-plays, students pretend to negotiate salaries. This lesson plan helps students feel more confident when they talk about work. It also improves how they use grammar in real job situations.


In this salary negotiation ESL lesson plan, students start by talking about requesting a pay rise, effective strategies and common mistakes. Students also learn fixed phrases to request a pay rise negotiation meeting. Students talk about necessary skills when requesting a pay rise. The session wraps up with students sharing personal experiences about requesting pay rises or increasing prices for clients. The aim of this section is to build students’ confidence in conversational skills related to workplace negotiations.


The video for this salary negotiation ESL lesson plan teaches viewiers how to improve their ability to negotiate pay rises. It provides practical tips for this kind of negotiation. Students match parts of the advice from the video. They then compare this advice with their own ideas. This helps them understand negotiation strategies better. They also answer questions based on the video to improve their listening skills and learn key points about conducting market research and justifying pay rise requests. This section aims to give students practical knowledge for professional negotiations. It also helps improve their English listening skills.


After watching the video, students focus on the present perfect tense while discussing professional negotiations. They evaluate tips from a video on requesting pay rises, linking grammar to practical workplace scenarios. Students practice the present perfect tense in real-life examples. This helps them talk about their achievements and skills clearly. This section improves their understanding of English grammar and its application in real-life professional discussions around the topic of salary negotiations.


In this activation, students do a role-play about negotiating a pay rise. They pretend to be employees and bosses. As employees, they ask for more pay and explain why they deserve it. As bosses, they decide if they agree or disagree with the pay rise. They use the present perfect tense in their reasons. This helps students practice real-life job talks. They learn how to negotiate and use grammar in professional situations.

Benefits of using this salary negotiation ESL lesson plan:

Practicality: The skills learned in this lesson plan, such as negotiation, effective communication, and grammar application, are transferable to various professional settings, preparing students for real-world situations.

Confidence Building in Conversational Skills: The preview and discussion section encourages students to discuss and share experiences about requesting pay raises, building their confidence in conversational skills related to workplace negotiations.

Grammar Practice: The lesson plan incorporates grammar practice, specifically focusing on the present perfect tense. Students apply this tense in real-life examples related to professional negotiations, improving their understanding and usage of English grammar.

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Video Description

Do you want to know how to confidently negotiate a higher salary at work? Maybe you're looking for salary negotiation tips so you can get a raise! This video is exactly what you need! In five steps, I guide you through exactly what you need to do to get a pay rise at work.

Lesson Activities


Requesting A Pay Rise, Negotiating Salary


Matching Activity, Prediction Check, Short Answers


Traits/Skills For Negotiating Salaries, Verbs (Present Perfect)


Present Perfect Simple


Negotiating Salary » Role Play, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Negotiating Salary, Requesting A Pay Rise

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