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Reverse Aging ESL Lesson Plan

Tech CEO Spends Millions On Reverse Aging

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Video Length: 5:20

Updated on: 10/24/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

1 Credit

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Reverse Aging ESL Lesson Plan Description


This reverse aging ESL lesson plan contains PDF worksheets, activities, and digital materials for advanced C1 students. By the end of the lesson, students will understand advanced vocabulary terms related to biohacking and lifestyles, as well as be able to use advanced adverbial phrases to describe their own lifestyles.


The first part of this ESL lesson plan on reverse aging encourages students to define the vocabulary term "biohacking", as well as explore some aspects of the lifestyle of a professional biohacker. The preview phase has some discussion questions about biohacking and reverse aging. There is also a part for students to learn and discuss some vocabulary terms related to biohacking — including "rejuvenation athlete", "red light therapy", "self-destructive behaviors", and "reverse aging".


The video in this lesson is a documentary style video featuring a tech CEO named Bryan Johnson who has become a professional biohacker, or as he coins it, "a rejuvenation athlete". In the video, Bryan describes his lifestyle in detail, and share his experience that motivated him to become a professional rejuvenation athlete. In the viewing and listening activities, students answer some questions and take some notes about the multiple facets of his lifestyle. They'll also listen for and write some numbers that he mentions while describing his lifestyle.


After students watch the video, they'll discuss a few questions about Bryan's ideas and his kind of lifestyle. Next, students read some quotes that Bryan makes, each of which contains an adverb. Students then choose advanced adverbial phrases that could replace these adverbs in his quotes. 


The communicative activation in this lesson revolves around students describing and comparing aspects of their lifestyles using some of the adverbs and adverbial phrases they learned in the prior phase of the lesson. They'll engage in natural conversations about their lifestyle on a variety of different topics and ask each other questions.

Benefits of using this reverse aging ESL lesson plan:

Engaging Content: The video showcases a unique lifestyle, motivating students to explore intriguing topics like biohacking and rejuvenation athletes.

Motivation: Bryan Johnson's personal story adds authenticity to the lesson, allowing students to connect language learning with real-world scenarios. Bryan's inspirational journey could also motivate students to explore their own health.

Advanced Language Skills: The lesson focuses on adverbial phrases used for precision, measurement, and estimation, which challenges C1 students and enhances their language proficiency.Students can use the adverbs and phrases in everyday life to express precision and quantity, which is a valuable language skill.

Video Description

Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old tech CEO, invests $2 million annually in reversing aging. While some experts are intrigued but skeptical, Johnson's determination leads him to collaborate with a team of professionals, including nutritionists and MRI specialists. He regularly undergoes body scans, MRIs, and extensive tests to assess the biological age of his organs.

Lesson Activities


Lifestyle, Biohacking, Reverse Aging, Health, Routines


Short Answers, Lifestyle Aspects, Numbers


Biohacking, Matching Activity (specialized terms), Adverbial Phrases


Adverbial Phrases


Lifestyle Chat: Describing/Comparing Routines, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Lifestyle, Biohacking, Reverse Aging, Health, Routines

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