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ESL Weather Lesson Plan

When It Rains In LA 🌧️

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Video Length: 2:35

Updated on: 02/20/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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ESL Weather Lesson Plan Description


This ESL weather lesson plan provides activities, worksheets, and digital materials tailored for beginner A1 students. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to describe various weather conditions, use weather vocabulary, interpret a weather forecast, and engage in discussions about weather preferences and activities.


In the first part of this ESL weather lesson plan, students match different weather conditions with corresponding images and discuss their preferences regarding weather. Next, they analyze New York's weather forecast for the week (based on a large weather forecast graphic provided in the lesson materials), identifying the weather patterns and temperatures for each day. In the third activity, students discuss some questions about the weather, focusing on the rain, how often it rains in their city, and how the rain makes them feel.


Students watch a short video depicting a humorous scene about how people react and what happens when it rains in Los Angeles. They engage in a few listening comprehension tasks, such as numbering the events in the correct order, and selecting the correct words they hear in a dialogue. They also do an exercise in which they choose the correct emotions people show when it starts and stops raining in LA.


Following the video, students discuss some more questions about the rain and their emotional responses to rainy weather. They then analyze another weather forecast featuring Los Angeles weather. Students must choose true or false for each sentence about the forecast based on the graphic provided. In the last part, students must decide whether the sentences about Los Angeles weather are in the present or future tense.


In this communicative task, students can choose between two options. Option A involves creating a weather forecast for a chosen city, where students check the current weather forecast and fill in a template provided in the lesson materials. They then describe the weather today and the future forecast using provided phrases. Option B prompts students to discuss various questions about weather preferences and experiences, encouraging them to express opinions, share experiences, and engage in conversations with other students or their teacher. Both options provide opportunities for interactive language practice, allowing students to develop speaking and listening skills while using weather-related vocabulary in context.


Tailored for Beginner A1 Students: The lesson plan is designed specifically for students at the beginner level, ensuring that the content and activities are appropriate and accessible for their language proficiency level.

Comprehensive Weather Vocabulary: The lesson plan covers a wide range of weather conditions, allowing students to learn and practice vocabulary related to different types of weather.

Practicality & Relevance: By analyzing actual weather forecasts for New York and Los Angeles, students get the chance to practically apply the skills in a real-life context, making the lesson more meaningful and relevant to their everyday lives.

Video Description

Workers at a Los Angeles office panic as rain unexpectedly pours down on the city! People run and hide, struggle to open umbrellas, and some not quite sure how to use them. But soon it's all giggles and relief as the rain stops. Is this the end of the drought?

Lesson Activities


Weather, Forecasts, Rain


Event Sequencing, Choosing the Correct Answer, People's Emotions


Weather Conditions, Rain, Forecasts


Present Simple / Future Simple (using the verb "to be")


Let's Talk About The Rain, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Weather, Forecasts, Rain

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