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Cats ESL Lesson Plan

People Who Hate Cats Live With Cats For A Week

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Video Length: 3:23

Updated on: 10/25/2022

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Cats ESL Lesson Plan Description


This cats ESL lesson plan contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for B2 upper-intermediate students. They explore pet ownership, with a special focus on cats. They'll talk about their favorite pets and think about whether they prefer cats or dogs. During the lesson, they'll discover facts about how cats behave and common problems pet owners face. This will help them take part in interesting conversations, act out scenarios, and reflect on their learning. This lesson improves students’ English skills and makes students understand cats better. This lesson plan provides a thorough look at the world of cats. This helps students with their language skills and gives them practical knowledge.


This cats ESL lesson plan starts out by having students talk about an image showing a girl taking a selfie with two black cats. Students imagine what the girl might say about her life and her cats. This encourages them to observe and think creatively. They also discuss the pros and cons of owning a cat. Lastly, they have a conversation about whether pets should be seen as part of the family. This encourages critical thinking and conversation skills. This section helps students get ready for more in-depth discussions about people's views on pets and their place in families.


In this cats ESL lesson plan, students watch a video where 2 people and 1 couple live with cats for a week. They initially don’t like cats. Students discuss whether the people in the video had specific cat-related problems or not. Next, students discuss how the people in the video initially felt about cats. They discuss the advantages of having a cat mentioned by the owners. They discuss how people’s perceptions changed after a week. This section promotes active listening and comprehension. It also encourages reflection on attitudes towards cats.


After watching the video, students discuss pet preferences. They discuss problems they've had with pets or expect to have. They also explore vocabulary terms like "tear everything up," "mischievous," and "sprinting around the house." They continue on to discuss where they would seek advice if their cat acted mischievous, like the ones in the video. They discuss whether they would speak to a friend with a cat, a vet, an online cat forum, or a cat therapist. This section fosters discussions and vocabulary learning related to pet behavior and solutions.


In this activation, students particiapte in a role play, in which they pretend to be either a new cat owner or a cat therapist. The new cat owner talks about specific cat problems and how they affect them, seeking advice from the cat therapist. The cat therapist listens to the issues and gives advice with explanations. This activity helps students apply their understanding of cat behavior and problems in a practical way, improving their communication and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of using this cats ESL lesson plan:

Authentic Interactions: The lesson plan incorporates discussions, scenarios, and real-life situations related to pet ownership, specifically focusing on cats. This engages students in practical and relatable contexts.

Interactive Learning: The role-playing activity where students act as a new cat owner seeking advice from a cat therapist adds an interactive and dynamic element to the lesson, which encourages engagement and participation.

Vocabulary Development: The lesson plan introduces and explores vocabulary terms related to pet behavior, such as "tear everything up," "mischievous," and "sprinting around the house," in the context of real-life scenarios. This facilitates better retention and application of new vocabulary.

Video Description

A fun documentary style short video about people living with cats for a week who are NOT cat people! Watch as they find a new love for cats after just one week.

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Cats, Cat Problems


Cat Problems, Short Answers


Images, CCQ Discussion


Role Play Task, Lesson Reflection

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Cats, Cat Problems

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