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ESL Lesson Plan On Offices

How One Office Hack Can Make Us Happier

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Video Length: 5:17

Updated on: 09/27/2022

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Description: ESL Lesson Plan On Offices


This ESL lesson plan on offices contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for B2 upper-intermediate and C1 advanced students. In this lesson plan centered on workspaces, students engage in discussions and activities to gain a deeper understanding of office environments. Students explore factors influencing workspace conditions, design, and enhancement. The objective of the lesson is to equip students with vocabulary and language skills for effective workspace discussions. This office ESL lesson plan also provides practical insights into office design. Students will expand their workplace-related vocabulary and become better prepared to make informed decisions about creating productive work environments.


This ESL lesson plan on offices starts out by having students talk about how to improve the quality of a workspace. Students analyze conditions like plants and lighting that affect workspace quality. Then, they compare different workspaces using new vocabulary. Afterwards, students estimate statistics related to workspace factors. The discussion question encourages students to talk about interesting and different workspace ideas they have seen or learned about.


As part of this offices ESL lesson plan, students watch a video about a variety of different workspaces and office designs. Students talk about the video and answer comprehension questions. After that, they check their earlier guesses. Then, they watch the video again and talk about how different workplaces made their spaces better. This section helps students grasp the workspace ideas in the video, and it encourages them to have interesting talks and think deeply about it.


After watching the video, students look closely at key vocabulary from the video while they talk. They study relevant words like 'depleted,' 'groundbreaking,' 'worth redesigning,' and 'harmonious' as they show up in sentences from the video. They also learn about partitive expressions and use them to talk about their own workspaces. In this section, students build a strong grasp of vocabulary and are motivated to use these words in meaningful conversation. They will improve their language skills and understanding.


In this activation, students role-play conversations about improving workspaces. One student describes their workspace and seeks advice, while the other suggests ideas and explains their value. They use specific vocabulary and expressions in their conversation. Afterwards, students discuss what they learned, new vocabulary, and their thoughts about the lesson. This section helps students practise using new words and ideas in real conversations, making their language skills more practical and useful.

Benefits of using this this ESL lesson plan on offices:

Vocabulary Focus: The lesson plan focuses on expanding workplace-related vocabulary, helping students articulate ideas and opinions about office environments more effectively.

Critical Thinking and Analysis: Through discussions on improving workspace quality and analyzing factors like plants and lighting, students develop critical thinking skills and the ability to evaluate different aspects of office design.

Creative Thinking: Students are encouraged to discuss interesting and innovative workspace ideas, which can encourage creativity and the ability to generate new and unique concepts for office design.

If you're an English teacher working with B2 upper-intermediate and C1 advanced students and aim to engage them in a thought-provoking ESL lesson plan focused on workspace improvements, this lesson is for you! This Offices ESL lesson plan fosters critical thinking and cultural awareness while enhancing language skills through discussions and role-play activities. Download it now to empower your students to navigate the dynamic world of workspaces while improving their advanced English abilities in an engaging way.

Video Description

Many of us will spend a lot of our lives working in offices but they can leave us feeling stressed and unhappy. Can simple things like colours and plants really help us feel better? Entrepreneur Rohan Silva explores how we can feel happier and more productive at work.

Lesson Activities


Workspaces, Office Design


Short Answers, Prediction Check, Workspaces (in the video)


Describing Workspaces, CCQ Discussion, Partitive Expressions


Role Play Task, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Workspaces, Office Design

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