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New York City Vacation Travel Guide

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Video Length: 6:00

Updated on: 03/10/2021

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Lesson Description

In this ESL lesson plan for adults and teens, students watch a video and do a listening exercise about New York City travel. It includes discussion questions and conversation activities about New York City. Students also learn some important vocabulary terms, phrases, and expressions related from the video. The grammar activity features an exercise on the difference between 'it's' and 'its.' There is also a quiz & review with a bonus activity.

Video Description

New York City has been shaped by immigrants and colonists, and it's now considered the melting pot of America. Home to over 8 million people and hosting over 50 million visitors per year, New York City is full of fun, skyscrapers, art, and culture.

Lesson Activities

New York City Travel, Facts, and Trivia
Numbers, Finish the Sentences
Adjectives, Nouns, Quotes, Images, Context Usage
How to Use 'it's' and 'its'
Quiz & Review + Bonus Activity

Lesson Topics

New York City Travel Guide

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