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Clothing ESL Lesson Plan

My Minimalist Wardrobe

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Video Length: 3:28

Updated on: 03/17/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Clothing ESL Lesson Plan Description


This clothing ESL lesson plan provides activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials designed for pre-intermediate A2 students. By the end of this lesson, students will know a variety of basic clothing vocabulary words. Students will also be able to compliment someone else on their clothing and respond to the compliments using demonstrative pronouns (this / that / these / those).


This clothing ESL lesson plan begins by students describing some wardrobes in images. There is a set of adjectives for them to use to describe them. For example, there is one really colorful, big, and messy, then one minimalist, simple, and small one. The last one is a big, fancy, and organized one. Students use some of the same adjectives to describe their own wardrobes at home. The second part shows 10 images of different, common clothes vocabulary. These include a t-shirt, a jacket, shorts, jeans, sweatpants, a sweater, among a few others. Students match the clothing vocabulary terms to the images.

In the third part, students discuss questions about clothing and clothes. For example, they talk about what they usually wear around the house and outside, both in the summer and winter.


In this activity, students watch a video of a man named Matt showing some clothing items he has in his minimalist wardrobe. There are also some accessories he shows, like his belt, hat, and his watch. In the activities, students write the correct piece of clothing they hear him say in some sentences. In the second part, students tick the correct accessories they hear him mention. Finally, they match some of his clothing items to his own descriptions. For example, there are images of socks, a suit, a t-shirt, flip-flops, and shorts. Matt makes some comments about these different clothes he owns. Students match these comments to images, such as "A go-to clothing item that he wears almost every day." and "He only wears this once or twice a year for weddings."


In the viewing follow-up activity, students engage in two parts. First, they discuss questions related to the minimalist wardrobe showcased in the video, considering the similarities and differences with their own wardrobes, their opinions on minimalist style, and reasons why some individuals prefer it.

Next, students read some of Matt’s quotes from the video in which he uses "this" and "these'' correctly. They discuss some basic rules of use for the demonstrative pronouns. Additionally, they learn about the use of "that" and "those" when referring to objects physically present. Students then choose the correct form of either “this” or “that”, as well as “these” and “those” in a dialogue. The dialogue is between two friends who are complimenting each other on clothing they are wearing.


In the activation phase, students participate in a three-step activity. First, they brainstorm and list clothing items and accessories for an outfit. Then, they work with a partner or the teacher to describe their chosen outfits. Finally, they engage in a role-play scenario where they give compliments, ask questions, and respond appropriately about each other's clothing and outfit choices, practicing the use of demonstrative pronouns.


Clothing Vocabulary: Students will learn a variety of basic clothing vocabulary words through engaging activities.

Practical Skills: The activation phase allows students to apply what they've learned by describing outfits, giving compliments, and asking questions. This can help them develop communication skills in relative situations.

Personal Expression: Students get the chance to discuss their own clothing preferences and choices.

Video Description

Meet Matt, the minimalist! With just a few t-shirts and his trusty hoodie, he's ready for anything – from casual hangouts to fancy dinners!

Lesson Activities


Wardrobes, Clothing, Clothes, Accessories, Fashion


Write The Correct Clothing Items, Accessories, Description Matching


Clothes, Clothing Items, Wardrobes


Demonstrative Pronouns (this, that, these, those)


Compliment A Friend's Clothing, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Wardrobes, Clothing, Clothes, Accessories, Fashion

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