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Hobbies ESL Lesson Plan

The Hobby Song

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Video Length: 3:34

Updated on: 03/17/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Hobbies ESL Lesson Plan Description


This ESL lesson plan about hobbies provides activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials designed for beginner A1 students. By the end of this lesson, students will know a variety of different hobbies. Students will also be able to talk about and express their favorite hobbies, why they like them, and how often they do them. They’ll be able to use the structure “I like + verb-ing” and the present simple tense when discussing these hobbies.


In the first section of this hobbies ESL lesson plan, students look at a set of images of different hobbies. These include hobbies like sewing, playing video games, doing yoga, bird-watching, and carving. Students match the hobbies to the images. This is followed by another matching activity. In it, there are adjectives that could be used to describe these hobbies. In the final part, students discuss some general questions about hobbies.


In the viewing phase of this lesson, students watch a music video. In the video, Melissa Villaseñor and Emma Stone rap about their favorite hobbies. In the activities, students choose the correct options in sentences about the music video. There are also two activities for students to choose the correct hobbies that both Melissa and Emma rap about in the song.


In the section after watching the video, students reflect on the video and talk about the hobbies in the video.

In the grammar part of the lesson, students read one of the song lyrics by Melissa. She mentions some hobbies she likes. Students must choose the correct options in some grammar rules about her use of “I like + verb-ing”. After this, there is an activity in which students discuss questions about a man named Salim based on a set of his hobbies displayed in images. There is also a schedule showing how often he does these hobbies, in addition to some quotes from him about why he likes doing these hobbies. This prepares students for the communicative activity as described below.


In this communicative activity, students engage in a role-play activity to explore each other's hobbies and interests. Firstly, students will individually list three hobbies they enjoy, along with how often they participate in them and why they like them. Afterward, they will pair up and take turns as Student A and Student B, asking and answering questions about their respective hobbies. Through this interactive exchange, students will not only learn about each other's hobbies but also discover any shared interests. Finally, students will reflect on the activity and answer a few questions about their experiences with it.


Beginner Vocabulary: Students learn a variety of different hobby vocabulary terms that are suitable for A1 beginner students.

Practical Grammar: The structure "I like + verb-ing" and the present simple tense discussing hobbies can be a very useful grammar skill in a variety of scenarios.

Engaging Music Video: Since this lesson plan is based on a music video, it can keep students engaged and attentive through visual learning.

Video Description

Melissa Villaseñor and Emma Stone rap about her hobbies in this fun music video!

Lesson Activities


Hobbies, Activities, Preferences


Choose The Correct Word, Melissa & Emma's Hobbies


Hobbies, Activities


I like + verb-ing


Let's Talk About Hobbies, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

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