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Making Reservations ESL Lesson Plan

Google Assistant: Making Reservations

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Video Length: 1:25

Updated on: 07/21/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Making Reservations ESL Lesson Plan Description


This free ESL lesson plan on making reservations and prepositions of time contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for A2 pre-intermediate students. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to call a restaurant to make a reservation, communicate basic details about their reservation, call back to cancel the reservation, and use prepositions of time in these calls.


To get students warmed up in this ESL lesson plan on making reservations and prepositions of time, you’ll elicit the concept of making reservations from students. You can do this by showing them images of a caller and restaurant worker in the context of reservations. Eliciting the concept is then followed by some discussion questions about reservations, as well as some vocabulary phrases (verb + noun collocations) that are important to know while making reservations.


Students then proceed to watch a video of a woman using Google Assistant technology to make a restaurant reservation for her. Students do a listening for gist exercise in which they sequence the events of the video in order, followed by a listening for detail activity. In the activity, students must listen for the specific numbers exchanged in the communication between the caller and the restaurant worker.


After watching the video, there are some follow-up discussion questions about Google Assistant technology. Then, the focus of the lesson plan shifts towards prepositions of time and activities for students to use them properly in the context of making reservations. After doing an activity on prepositions of time used in the call between Google Assistant and the restaurant worker, students discuss some questions using the same prepositions of time.


In order to help students practice for the activation, they analyze the rest of the conversation between Google Assistant and the restaurant worker and fill in the gaps with some of the vocabulary phrases they hear in the video. Then, a short activity is designed for students to learn some language that could be useful in canceling a restaurant reservation over the phone.


To close out the lesson, students get the chance to do a role play with a classmate or their teacher. In the role play, students can mimic a scenario in which they make a reservation at a restaurant of their choice, and then call back to cancel this reservation. Students must use the prepositions of time they learned in the lesson plan during this role play phone call.

Benefits of using this ESL lesson plan on making reservations:

  • Making reservations is a practical skill for daily communication.
  • Prepositions of time are essential in communicating details about schedules. 
  • Role-playing activities for reservations enhance language retention and fluency.

We hope you have an awesome time in this ESL lesson plan on making reservations and prepositions of time. It comes packed with carefully-crafted activities to help students learn the functional language they need in order to successfully call to make a reservation at a restaurant. Download the lesson Google Assistant: Making Reservations now for free!

Video Description

Watch Google Assistant make a phone call to and make a reservation with a restaurant simply and seamlessly.

Lesson Activities


Making Reservations


Sequencing Events, Numbers


Making Reservations, Phrases (verb + noun collocations)


Prepositions of Time


Dialogue & Role Play

Lesson Topics

Google Assistant, Making Reservations

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