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Generative AI ESL Lesson Plan

The Business, Hype, & Hardships Of Generative Ai

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Video Length: 2:54

Updated on: 11/21/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Generative AI ESL Lesson Plan Description


This ESL lesson plan on generative AI (artificial intelligence) contains PDF worksheets, activities, and digital materials for advanced C1 students. This is a great lesson choice for students interested in AI. In the lesson, students will learn about the big business behind generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT. They will also be able to debate topics and important issues about the practical use of generative AI using a variety of advanced phrasal verbs.


The first part of this ESL lesson on generative AI focuses on discussion about different industries that use generative artificial intelligence. Students also get the chance to describe how they may use generative AI in their own work, or how it may be useful. The second part features an activity on advanced verb + noun collocations/phrases related to generative AI. In the last part, students read some news headlines about generative AI and must state which one interests them the most. Some of the news headlines include terms such as:

  • to invest eye-watering sums of money
  • to fabricate facts
  • to stack up copyright lawsuits
  • to release an enterprise-grade version
  • to spark excitement and fear


The video featured in this lesson is an animated report on the business of generative AI and its economic potential, addressing reliability, ethical, and legal concerns. It explores generative AI's potential impact on the global economy, emphasizing its challenges and the business behind it. It touches on concerns about reliability, ethical issues, and legal challenges like copyright lawsuits. There is a part that highlights industry leaders and the financial success of chipmaker NVIDIA in the generative AI revolution.

In the listening comprehension sections, students match the names of some people and companies to some statements about generative AI in the video. In addition, there are a few short questions for students to write or discuss answers to.


After watching the video, there are two quotes from the video that students analyze. These quotes each contain a phrasal verb. Students must choose the correct definition of the phrasal verb, and then discuss some questions about the statements.

The second part of the viewing follow-up section contains more sentences with phrasal verbs relevant to generative AI. Students must complete the sentences using a verb from an option list. Then, they try to define these phrasal verbs based on context.


The final activity in this lesson plan features several practical and engaging dilemmas and scenarios in the context of generative AI for students to discuss. They can share what they would do in each situation, and are encouraged to share their thoughts with the class. Each scenario contains different context and a different phrase or phrasal verb from the lesson, including:

  • to comb through data
  • to churn out content
  • to stack up copyright lawsuits
  • to chip away at [an ability, skill, etc.]
  • to capitalize on an opportunity

Teachers can feel free to engage in the discussions as they see fit.

Benefits of using this generative AI ESL lesson plan:

Debate & Dilemmas: The practical scenarios related to generative AI use stimulate critical thinking and provide a platform for students to explore their values and viewpoints.

Connection to News Headlines: The inclusion of news headlines with phrases such as "to invest eye-watering sums of money" and "to fabricate facts" connects language learning with current affairs, making the lesson more relevant and engaging.

Engagement with Real-World Topics: The lesson plan is designed around the timely and relevant topic of generative AI, making it engaging for students interested in business, finance, technology and how they’re all interconnected in the context of AI.

Video Description

This video explores the economic potential of generative AI, addressing its challenges and controversies. Learn about the technology's impact on the global economy, and the concerns about reliability, ethics, and legal issues, including copyright lawsuits. The video also touches on the success of chipmaker NVIDIA in the generative AI revolution and emphasizes the industry's financial stakes. Overall, it provides a comprehensive overview of generative AI, examining its promises and challenges..

Lesson Activities


Generative AI, ChatGPT, AI Technology


Major Players in Generative AI, Short Answers


Collocations (verb + noun), Phrases & Phrasal Verbs


Generative AI » Ethical Dilemmas & Debate, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Generative AI, ChatGPT, AI Technology & Business

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