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ESL Flying Cars Lesson

Flying Cars: The Future, Or Just Hyped-up Helicopters?

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Video Length: 3:33

Updated on: 04/18/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

1 Credit

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ESL Flying Cars Lesson Description


This ESL lesson about flying cars provides activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials designed for advanced B2-C1 students. In this lesson, students will:

  • Engage in discussions and explore future transportation modes
  • Discuss and learn about the advantages, challenges, and concerns of flying cars
  • Practice prefixes on advanced adjectives related to transportation
  • Learn the usage of the verbs “to be” and “to get” with a past participle 
  • Engage in an urban planning task for transportation problems & solutions


In the preview activity, students begin by describing various modes of future transportation depicted in images. They engage in discussions answering questions such as which modes they believe represent transport in the near or distant future and which they would like to try, supported by reasons.

Additionally, students consider the major problems faced with transportation today and discuss which modes of transportation above could potentially address those issues. Students also match transportation-related nouns to their corresponding definitions. This activity enhances their vocabulary and comprehension of transportation-related terms, such as "rotors," "congestion," "emissions," "infrastructure," and "regulations."

Finally, students engage in discussions about flying cars based on a provided mind map.


During the viewing activity, students watch an informative video discussing the future of flying cars and answer comprehension questions afterward. They list the topics discussed in the video and provide short answers based on the information presented, covering aspects like countries and companies involved, the concept of EVTOLs, the availability and pricing of flying cars, challenges of integration into society, and the reporter's perspective on using flying cars.


In the viewing follow-up, students engage in further discussion based on the video content. They express their thoughts on flying cars, considering whether they would opt to use them and how they might impact their local areas.

Then, students complete sentences using the prefixes "un" or "in" on provided adjectives related to flying cars, followed by discussions on their agreements or disagreements with each idea. Students proceed to write sentences using other prefixes for provided adjectives related to transportation issues. They then share their sentences with the class, discussing the problems and potential solutions related to transportation using vocabulary introduced in the lesson.


For the communicative activation section, students assume the role of urban planners and address public transportation issues in a chosen city or region. They identify problems and propose solutions, incorporating provided adjectives with proper prefixes in their discussions. Afterward, they present their ideas to the class for further discussion.


In the grammar bonus section, students analyze sentences and discuss the types of verbs used before the verb "stuck" in different contexts. They choose the correct verb form of "to be" or "to get" in given sentences and write questions about transportation/traveling using past participle verbs provided, fostering comprehension and application of grammar concepts in context.


Engaging Topic: The lesson revolves around the fascinating and futuristic concept of flying cars. This is likely to engage students and pique curiosity.

Innovative Learning: Students explore cutting-edge advancements in transportation technology, as well as take on an urban planning task to come up with innovative solutions to transportation problems. 

Stimulating Discussions: The lesson prompts lively discussions about the potential benefits and challenges of flying cars, encouraging students to share their perspectives and engage in thoughtful debates.

Video Description

"Flying cars" — doesn't that sound like it's science fiction? Well, it always has — until recent times. Learn all about how flying cars have been flying on to the scene. What are the advantages of flying cars, and will you be able to fly one? Would you even want to?

Lesson Activities


Flying Cars, Future Transportation


Sequencing Topics, Short Answers


Nouns, Prefixes (Adjectives)


Verb "to be" vs. "to get"


Urban Planning, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Flying Cars

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