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Autumn ESL Lesson Plan

6 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season

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Video Length: 1:34

Updated on: 09/13/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Autumn ESL Lesson Plan Description


This fall and autumn ESL lesson plan contains PDF worksheets, activities, and digital materials for A2 and B1 students. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to communicate about a variety of topics related to not only autumn and fall, but other seasons as well. Additionally, students will be able to express what they like about seasons and other holidays using the verb structure get + infinitive.


This ESL lesson plan on autumn and fall starts by having students describe topics and associate words in a fall-season mind map. Students then discuss questions about autumn and fall. Next, there are images showing a variety of common autumn activities. Students must describe these autumn-related images and discuss which ones illustrate pros or cons of fall season.


Students engage in one more brief, preview discussion question about fall season in their local region or city. After that, students watch a short video of a girl showing and talking about reasons why fall is the best season. In the video, she outlines 6 different reasons. Students listen for some key information and sequence the topics mentioned in order using some images. Finally, students write some missing information about the reasons why she argues fall is the best season.


In the viewing follow-up, there are some vocabulary and discussion activities prepared for students about the autumn. Students must think of some verbs that fit the fall activities the girl describes in the video, and discuss questions about it. Then, students read and assess a quote she made in the video. They'll answer some questions about the usage of the grammar structure "get + infinitive" to express the possibility of doing something fun, enjoyable, or positive. The final activity in this section has students use this infinitive verb structure in sentences about other seasons or holidays.


In the final, communicative activity in this lesson, students can choose between two options. In the first option, students use the same mind map they used in the preview activity to present reasons why they or others like that season. In their discussions or presentations, students use the get + infinitive structure they studied in the post-viewing phase of the lesson. Alternatively, there is also an option for students to play a guessing game about autumn and other seasons and holidays.

In the guessing game, students essentially take turns guessing each others’ words on a word card (it contains other seasons and popular holidays). When it’s their turn, they choose a block on their partner’s word card (E.g., “B3”). Their partner describes the season/holiday using “You get + infinitive...”. Students then guess the season/holiday. If they guess it correctly it’s a hit. If not, it’s a miss. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get 3 hits.

Benefits of using this autumn ESL lesson plan:

Competition and Fun: The competitive aspect of the game can make learning about autumn and the seasons more enjoyable. It adds an element of fun to the lesson and can boost students' enthusiasm for learning.

Autumn Vocabulary Expansion: The mind map provided in the lesson is a great way to get students associating vocabulary with fall and autumn season. There are also other opportunities in the lesson to expand vocabulary related to other seasons and holidays. This can be particularly useful for English learners who may not be familiar with these terms.

Relevant Topic: Autum season, or seasons in general, are relatable and engaging for learners. In this case, autumn is a relevant and timely topic that can connect language learning to students' everyday experiences and surroundings, making the lessons more meaningful and enjoyable.

Contextual Learning: Associating verb structures like "get + infinitive" is a grammar topic that is useful for expressing ideas about what we like, but is not found in many resource. Teaching this with real-life situations and themes like autumn and holidays helps students understand and remember the language better. It provides a context that makes learning more meaningful.

Video Description

A very enthusiastic young woman persuades you why fall season is the best of them all.

Lesson Activities


Autumn, Fall Season, Seasons, Holidays


Sequencing Topics (Images), Missing Information 


Autumn Mind Map, Images


Get + Infinitive (verb structure)


Mind Map & Guessing Game, Quiz & Review, Teacher Guide

Lesson Topics

Autumn / Fall, Seasons, Holidays

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