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ESL Lesson On Giving Feedback

Giving Constructive Feedback To A Co-Worker

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Video Length: 1:48

Updated on: 12/31/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Giving Feedback ESL Lesson Description


This ESL lesson plan on giving feedback contains activities, exercises, and digital materials for B2 and C1 students. Using this lesson plan, students will be able to give constructive feedback to someone in professional contexts. They'll also learn some important phrases and expressions for giving and receiving feedback.


This ESL lesson plan on giving feedback starts out with students defining feedback and talking about their own experiences with feedback. There is a mind map for students to use to discuss the topic. Then, students discuss some differences in how constructive feedback differs. They’ll choose which descriptions apply to just feedback, or constructive feedback. The final activity in the preview phase is a prediction-based


Students watch a video of two women in a professional office setting. The context of the video is a feedback session. One woman is expressing her feelings to her colleague about an incident that happened at a recent meeting. They give and receive feedback, and find a solution together. In the activity, students answer some questions about their conversation, check their predictions, match sentence halves, and listen for groups of words that the speakers use.


After watching the video, students discuss their thoughts on the video and the feedback session between the women. Then, they order the structural parts of the feedback session. There are six different phases or stages that make up the feedback session. In the final part, students complete a part of the women’s dialogue with the phrases they used.


This feedback ESL activity offers two options. In the first one, students engage in a role play about giving and receiving feedback on work-related issues. They choose two scenarios, take on different roles, and use stages from "Viewing Follow-Up, Part 2." In the second option, involves an open discussion on feedback, covering topics like the impact of too much feedback on self-esteem and productivity, reactions to unfair feedback, and reflections on feedback in personal life. The activity aims to enhance communication skills and emphasize the importance of constructive feedback in various contexts.

Benefits of using this ESL lesson plan on feedback:

Communication Skills: The lesson plan provides a structured framework for students to practice giving and receiving feedback in professional contexts, enhancing their overall communication skills.

Critical Thinking: Through discussions, activities, and role plays, students are encouraged to think critically about the concept of feedback, its different forms, and the impact it can have.

Real-world Application: The activities and scenarios presented in the lesson plan mirror real-world situations, allowing students to apply their language skills to practical scenarios they may encounter in professional environments.

Video Description

Two colleagues engage in a feedback session. One woman expresses her feelings about an incident at a recent meeting, and her colleague responds.

Lesson Activities


Giving/Receiving Feedback


Short Answers, Prediction Check, Matching Sentence Halves, Filling The Gaps


Stages of Feedback, Expressions


Constructive Feedback Sessions, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Lesson Preview

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