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Company Culture ESL Lesson Plan

Important Aspects Of Company Culture

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Video Length: 1:26

Updated on: 01/06/2024

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Company Culture ESL Lesson Plan Description


This company culture ESL lesson plan contains activities, exercises, and digital materials for pre-intermediate/ intermediate A2 - B1 students. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to express different reasons why company culture matters, the most important aspects of company culture, and describe their own company culture. They'll be able to express feelings about the company they work for and describe its brand.


The first section of this ESL lesson plan on company culture guides students through discussions to better understand company culture. The first conversation explores personal views on the meaning and importance of company culture. The second part involves an activity in which students match terms like "employees", "talent", and "values" to their definitions. Students then explore some examples of company values. 


Here, students watch a video to gain insights into positive company culture as shared by Marina, who works for a translation company. In the video, she explains the most important aspects of company culture, covering topics such as retention, identity, values, and attitude. Following the video, students answer questions to check comprehension, focusing on elements that contribute to a positive work environment.


The vocabulary section helps students develop language skills through quotes from the video. Students select definitions and engage in discussions on some related topics. Additionally, they reflect on personal experiences, connecting feelings at work, company values, and how clients perceive their workplace. Students share their own ideas on what their own company culture is like and how they feel working for their company.


In the communicative activity featured in this lesson plan on company culture, students create a company profile and engage in a role-playing job interview scenario. This practical activity allows students to apply their understanding of company identity, values, and culture in a real-world context.


The final grammar bonus section introduces the first conditional. Students study its usage and examples through one of Marina's statements in the video. The second part requires students to complete sentences using the first conditional structure, connecting grammar learning to practical scenarios related to company culture. 

Benefits of using this company culture ESL lesson plan:

Useful in Real Life: This lesson plan helps students apply vocabulary and communication skills in real-life situations, like making a company profile or doing a job interview simulation.

Engaging and Interactive: The lesson plan incorporates diverse activities such as discussions, video analysis, vocabulary exercises, and a simulated job interview. This variety keeps students engaged, and creates an interactive and dynamic learning experience.


Video Description

Marina at the translation company in the video explains that a positive company culture is crucial. According to her, it creates a good environment for employees to succeed and contribute innovative ideas. Additionally, it shapes how clients view the business, influencing their decision to collaborate.

Lesson Activities


Company Culture


Important Aspects Of Comany Culture, Short Answers, Prediction Check


Nouns (Matching), Quotes, Phrases


First Conditional


Company Profile & Interview, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

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Company Culture

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