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China's Social Credit System

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Video Length: 1:59

Updated on: 05/16/2020

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Lesson Description

In this ESL lesson plan for adults and teens, students watch an informational video about a social credit ranking system in China. It includes discussion questions, conversation, and other activities about social media, citizenship, and social credit. Students learn some important vocabulary words, phrases, and expressions from the video. The grammar activity features the usage of "whether...or" for alternatives. There is a quiz and review with a bonus activity included. 

Video Description

Nosedive, an episode of 'Black Mirror' paints a world where a person's place in society is dictated by a number. People are rated based on their interactions. This may not be so far-fetched when China rolls out their social credit system in 2020 which rates how 'trustworthy' its 1.4 billion citizens are.

Lesson Activities

Social Credit, Citizenship, Reviews
Short Answers, Multiple Choice
Nouns, Verbs, Phrases, Prepositions
How to use "be + going to + base verb" (future)
Quiz & Review + Bonus Activity

Lesson Topics

Social Credit

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