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Business Etiquette ESL Lesson Plan

Business Etiquette Basics

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Video Length: 1:46

Updated on: 03/28/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Business Etiquette ESL Lesson Plan Description


This free business etiquette ESL lesson plan contains PDF worksheets, activities, and digital materials for A2 and B1 students. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to communicate in a variety of business scenarios using proper business etiquette, recognise the importance of maintaining effective non-verbal communication, and apply professional behaviour in various workplace scenarios.


This ESL lesson plan on business etiquette starts with discussion questions for students on their own experiences maintaining professionalism in the workplace. They will explore the qualities and factors that contribute to proper business etiquette, such as maintaining full attention, and giving a firm handshake. The discussion then goes into the complexities of business etiquette and its impact on professional relationships, emphasising the significance of good eye contact, being an active listener, and leaving a strong impression.


In this engaging video, students learn valuable tips for improving their business etiquette skills. They will watch and listen to a presentation that covers the basics of business etiquette in the workplace. Students will be encouraged to pay full attention to key information about effective communication, body language, and the use of proper vocabulary. This listening exercise will allow them to check their understanding and reinforce the concepts discussed, enabling them to practice good eye contact, be active listeners, and leave a strong impression.


Following the video, students will expand their vocabulary related to business etiquette. Students will learn important collocations related to business etiquette, including good eye contact, active listener, strong impression, full attention, friendly and professional tone, and a firm handshake. Students can then use these collocations in conversations to help them enhance their communication skills in professional settings.


As a bonus grammar activity, students will focus on using gerunds as sentence subjects. This will reinforce their understanding of sentence structure and help them express actions related to business etiquette, such as maintaining good eye contact, being an active listener, and leaving a strong impression.


In addition to vocabulary and grammar exercises, students will engage in a communication task that simulates real-life business scenarios. They will apply their newly acquired knowledge of business etiquette to navigate challenging situations and communicate appropriately. A quiz and review section will assess their understanding of the lesson material, and a lesson reflection will encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences.

Benefits of using this business etiquette ESL lesson plan:

This Business English lesson plan on business etiquette provides a comprehensive and interactive learning experience for A2/B1 level students. It equips them with essential skills and knowledge to navigate professional settings with confidence and make a positive impression. 

Download the Basics of Business Etiquette now to engage your students in practical activities and discussions about the fundamental principles of business etiquette, including maintaining good eye contact, being an active listener, leaving a strong impression, giving a firm handshake, and communicating in a friendly and professional tone.

Video Description

In this video, you’ll learn tips for improving business etiquette.

Lesson Activities


Business & Professional Etiquette


Short Answers, Mind Map, Word Choice


Images, Adjectives, Collocations


Gerunds as sentence subjects


Communication Task, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Business, Career, Professional Skills, Etiquette

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