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Startup Companies ESL Lesson Plan

Bolt: The Fastest-Growing Tech Company In Europe

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Video Length: 1:54

Updated on: 06/13/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Startup Companies ESL Lesson Plan Description


This startup companies ESL lesson plan contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for B1 intermediate students. It covers speaking, listening, and grammar, with a focus on startup-related topics. Students discuss startups and famous companies, watch a video about Bolt to improve their listening comprehension and practice asking questions in English. The lesson ends with a communicative task where students describe their chosen startup and engage in conversations about it. This Startup Companies ESL lesson plan helps students in real-world business situations. It helps them improve their vocabulary, feel more confident when talking professionally, and form questions correctly.


To start this Startup Companies ESL Lesson Plan, students discuss startups in depth, what startups do and their experiences with startups. Then, students talk about famous startups like Spotify, Tesla, and Duolingo, among others, focusing on their products and services. This leads to a discussion about the characteristics that make startups successful. Lastly, students talk about successful startups in their country and around the world. They share their own experiences. The aim of this lesson stage is to improve students' English speaking skills by engaging them in conversations about interesting and relevant startup topics.


Students move on to view a promotional video about the company Bolt. They focus on understanding details like Bolt's business lines, company growth, and employee roles. Students identify key topics from the video. Then, they answer short questions about Bolt, like what it does and how it has grown. After answering, they watch the video again to check their understanding. This helps students improve their English listening skills and learn about real business topics.


After watching the video, students first discuss a Bolt commercial. They talk about what the commercial means and if they want to work at a startup like Bolt. This discussion helps them practice speaking English. Next, they learn about making questions in grammar. They create questions about Bolt's business and what its employees do. This helps students learn how to ask questions in English, using examples from startups.


In this activation, students choose a real or imaginary startup and describe it. Then, they imagine working for this startup and meeting someone from another startup. They introduce themselves and discuss their companies, covering topics like company background, job roles, products, growth, and work experience. Students use prompts like "We are..." and "I joined..." to help with their discussions. This task helps them practice speaking English in a business setting, using what they've learned about startups.

Benefits of using this startup companies ESL lesson plan:

Engaging and Relevant Topics: Students engage in discussions about startups, famous companies, and successful startups in their country and globally. This relevance makes the lesson interesting and meaningful, encouraging active participation.

Practical Question Formation: The lesson plan includes a focus on grammar related to question formation. Students practice creating questions about Bolt's business and employee roles, enhancing their ability to form questions correctly in English.

Prepation For Business Scenarios: The communicative task requires students to describe their chosen startup, discuss job roles, products, growth, and work experience. This application of language skills in a business scenario prepares them for real-world interactions.

If you're an ESL teacher looking for an engaging ESL lesson plan for your B1 Business English students, our Startup Companies ESL lesson plan is the perfect choice! Download it now to make teaching about startups fun and effective.

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From a small Estonian startup to the fastest-growing tech company in Europe. The employees tell you the growth story.

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Startup Companies, Success


Sequencing Topics, Short Answers


Startups, Verbs


Question Formation


Introduce Yourself & Your Company Role Play, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

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Startups, Companies, Success

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