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How to Become a Pro Soccer Player

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Video Length: 2:49

Updated on: 04/30/2020

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Lesson Description

In this ESL lesson plan for adults and teens, students watch a video and do a listening exercise about becoming a professional soccer player. It includes discussion questions and conversation activities about soccer and setting goals. Students also learn some important vocabulary terms, expressions, and phrases from the video. The grammar exercise features verb patterns (gerunds & infinitives). There is a quiz and review section included.

Video Description

As a boy, Nick Humphries dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, but he faced a big challenge - he didn't even make the cut for his region's squad. Although he didn't make the team, he kept imagining what it must be like to play in the big leagues which pushed his will to succeed. With hard work, dedication, and passion he turned his dream into a reality.

Lesson Activities

Soccer, Setting Goals
True / False, Short Answers, Multiple Choice
Adjectives, Nouns Context Usage, Expressions, Prepositions
Verb Patterns (Gerunds & Infinitives)
Quiz & Review

Lesson Topics

Sports, Soccer, Professional Sports Player

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