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ESL Beach Vocabulary Lesson Plan

Beach Essentials » What To Bring To The Beach

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Video Length: 1:45

Updated on: 07/31/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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ESL Beach Vocabulary Lesson Plan Description


This ESL beach vocabulary lesson plan contains activities, PDF worksheets, and digital materials for A2 pre-intermediate students. By the end of the lesson, students will understand and be able to use some basic beach vocabulary words in real-life scenarios, as well as express the purpose of having certain items at the beach using the grammar structure so that + subject/verb clause.


This lesson plan on beach vocabulary starts out by having students describe some activities that people typically do at the beach, including reading, listening to music, and playing games. They continue on to some discussion questions about the beach in addition to a vocabulary activity that acts as a prediction activity to what a mom might bring or put inside her beach bag.


Students watch a video of a mom who shows you items inside her beach bag while explaining her rationale behind bringing some of the items. Students do two listening comprehension activities in which they must identify the objects she has in her beach bag and a matching activity for the reasons why she brings them.


After watching the video, students take part in some discussion questions about the mom’s beach bag. They then proceed to do a grammar activity in which they answer some questions about the mom’s use of so that + subject/verb clause to express the purpose of bringing the items that she mentions. This is followed by an activity in which students identify some common beach vocabulary items using images, and describe the purpose of bringing each one to the beach using the same grammatical structure.


In the activation phase of this lesson, students get to use beach vocabulary by agreeing on a beach location for a holiday or trip, and imagine that they are in that beach town together. They then go shopping for some beach items they'd like to have at the beach. They have a maximum budget to spend, and must agree on a list of items to bring to the beach using that budget. 

If you’re looking for an ESL lesson about beach vocabulary for your lower intermediate students, then this is the lesson for you! It contains rich and practical vocabulary that students can apply in any setting that involves talking about the beach, and thoroughly prepares students for communication about beach-related topics.

Benefits of using this ESL beach vocabulary lesson plan:

Beach vocabulary is practical and relevant, especially if your students are in a region where people spend a lot of time at the beach, or if they plan to travel to beach destinations for holidays. Furthermore, beach vocabulary can make language learning enjoyable. Students may consider using ESL beach vocabulary and imagining themselves at the beach as a fun and interesting lesson to be a part of. The last benefit we'd like to mention is that teaching beach vocabulary can be an opportunity to encourage students to talk about their own experiences and preferences regarding beach-related activities, which may come in handy any time they have an opportunity to talk about vacation and holidays.

Video Description

Not sure what you and your kids will need at the beach? Check out our guide to packing for a family beach day in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. Katie gives us a peek inside the perfectly packed beach bag with much more than just sunscreen and a book!

Lesson Activities


Beach, Beach Vocabulary


Beach Bag List, Matching Activity (Reasons)


Beach Activities, Images, Essential Beach Items


So that + [subject/verb clause] to express purpose


Beach Items Shopping Task, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Beach, Beach Items

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