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Bastille Day: What Are The Celebrations About?

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Video Length: 1:30

Updated on: 06/30/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Lesson Description

In this ESL lesson plan for adults and teens, students watch and listen to a video about the history and celebrations of Bastille Day in France. It includes discussion, conversation, and vocabulary activities about Bastille Day and revolutions. Students then do some listening/viewing comprehension activities based on the video. The viewing follow-up includes some additional discussion, and pronunciation activities on non-rhotic and rhotic phonetics. There is an additional "Imaginary Medieval Story" writing/reading out loud pronunciation task, as well as a quiz & review and lesson reflection included.

Video Description

July 14 is full of fireworks and celebrations across France, but what is Bastille Day all about?

Lesson Activities

Bastille Day, Traditions, Celebrations, Revolutions
Paraphrase, Choosing the Correct Word (listening), Short Answer
Images, Prediction Story
Non-Rhotic Phonetics (pronunciation)
Imaginary Medieval Story (pronunciation), Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Bastille Day (France), Traditions, Celebrations

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