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Auxiliary Verbs ESL Lesson Plan

Kids Meet a 101-Year-Old Woman

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Video Length: 5:27

Updated on: 03/08/2023

Lesson Time: 1–2 hrs.

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Auxiliary Verbs ESL Lesson Plan Description


This auxiliary verbs ESL lesson plan is designed for B1 level students, and revolves around the heartwarming video "Kids Meet a 101-Year-Old Woman." By watching the video and partaking in this lesson, students will explore the themes of age, getting old, and the art of forming connections across generations. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to have conversations in which they get to know someone using a variety of common auxiliary verbs properly in questions.


This auxiliary verbs ESL lesson plan gets started by having students discuss some topics related to old age and getting old. Students will reflect on their own experiences and thoughts about aging and interacting with people of different age groups. They will discuss the significance of age and the wisdom that comes with it. Through engaging questions and conversations, students will explore their perceptions and beliefs about growing older. The last part of this preview section has students write some questions they expect children to ask an older person in an interview, in which they will have to use auxiliary verbs.


In this captivating video, students will watch heartwarming encounters between young kids and a remarkable 101-year-old woman. They will watch as the children interview her, uncovering the secrets to living a long life and engaging in conversations about various topics. Students will engage in video and listening comprehension activities, such as sequencing topics, preview checks, and answering questions based on the content.


Following the video, students will expand their vocabulary related to the theme of age and getting old. Then, they will study auxiliary verbs commonly used in questions to discuss age-related topics (e.g. What did you do for fun in the old days?). Through interactive activities, students will enhance their ability to ask questions, strengthening their communication skills in discussing age-related matters.

As a part of grammar practice, students will focus on using one of the most commonly used auxiliary verbs — "would" + [base verb] — in order to form questions about repeated actions in the past. This grammar point will enable students to ask questions about past experiences and engage in meaningful conversations with their peers and older generations. Students will apply this grammar structure in various speaking activities and discussions.


Finally, students get to participate in an interview activity in which they get to know each other. They can work with a classmate or with a teacher. This task encourages students to engage in conversation and form connections with people from different age groups, fostering understanding across different ages. 

Benefits of using this auxiliary verbs ESL lesson plan:

This auxiliary verbs ESL lesson plan on the topic of age, getting old, and getting to know each other, provides an enriching and interactive learning experience for B1 level students. It encourages them to explore the significance of age, gain insights from older generations, and develop their communication skills across different age groups. Download the lesson now to engage your students in thought-provoking discussions and activities about the value of intergenerational connections and the beauty of growing older.

Video Description

Kids interview a 101-year-old woman about the secrets to living a long life, insects, and much more.

Lesson Activities


Age, Getting Old, Getting To Know Someone


Sequencing Topics, Preview Check, Short Answers


Auxiliary Verbs


"would" + [base verb] for questions in the past


Get To Know Each Other Interview Task, Quiz & Review, Lesson Reflection

Lesson Topics

Age, Getting Old

Lesson Preview

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