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Women's World Football Games

In these ESL lesson plans for adults and teens, students watch a video and do a listening exercise about women who play American football. It includes discussion questions and conversation activities about gender roles, American football, and sports. Students also learn some important vocabulary terms and expressions related to these topics. The grammar exercises feature like / as, a special adjective phrase, and to be used to +ing verb. In the cooperation activity students can make a website, do a role-play, or interview.
American Football, Gender Roles, Sports
True / False, Multiple Choice
Definitions, Context Usage, Parts of Speech
Difference Between Like and As / Adjective Phrase / To Be Used To +ing Verb
Website, Role Play, Interview
Type of video: Informational Documentary
Length of video: 5:58
Topics: Gender Roles, American Football
Who says women can’t play football? Meet the female pioneers expanding the game to their own gender. The female players show you how they play and get a conversation going about differences in male and female social roles.
*Most suitable for intermediate - advanced students. Suitable for ages 14+