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The Singing Trump: Trump Impersonator on America’s Got Talent

In this ESL lesson plan for adults and teens, students watch a video about a singing Donald Trump impersonator. It includes discussion questions and conversation activities about Donald Trump and performances. Students also learn some important vocabulary terms and expressions related to these topics. The grammar exercises feature state / action verbs, and how to use 'be going to' in the future. In the cooperation activity students can make news report question, or give a public statement.
Donald Trump, Impersonation, Performances
Short Answers, Choosing Correct Word
Verbs, Phrases, Expressions, Context Usage
Gonna & Going to / Difference between state and action verbs
News Report Questions, Giving a Public Statement
Type of video: Comedy Performance
Length of video: 5:32
Topics: Donald Trump, Performances
This guy is just a riot. Guaranteed to make your students crack up and just an overall great and funny experience to do in the classroom. This Trump impersonator gets crazy on stage in front of millions on an unforgettable America's Got Talent performance.
*Suitable for pre-intermediate - advanced students. Suitable for ages 14+. This topic can contain sensitive subjects. Please use at your own discretion and consider if the topic is appropriate for your student(s) or class.